The dev team has been working hard and it is time to give all of you a sneak peak at FighterBase v1.0. We will be holding a Preview Weekend event on July 9th and 9th and you are all invited!

Each day will also include organized sessions from 9 AM to Noon (EST) and 3PM to 6PM (EST). We expect the skies to be packed during these sessions, so mark your calendars, reach out to your squadron buddies, and check out the ‘Events’ tab for more information.

So, what’s new? How about:

  • COOL NEW VISUALS: New terrain (Archipelago), new lighting (including sunsets and shadows), new 3D models for aircraft, visual effects including explosions and damaged aircraft, ground objects (including tanks and anti-aircraft guns) as well as additional aircraft.
  • REFINED CONTROLS: Improved play control with the ability to fine tune joystick sensitivity
  • BETTER COMMUNICATION: Introducing Voice Comms! Now you can use intra-squad voice communication within an area! Also, new and improved targeted messages with the ability to apply filters to your direct messaging.

Organized Session Times

  • Saturday, July 8th
    • 9AM-Noon Eastern Time (ET)
    • and 3PM-6PM (ET)
  • Sunday, July 9th
    • 9AM-Noon Eastern Time (ET)
    • and 3PM-6PM (ET)

Organized Session Schedule

  • Hour 1 – Battle of the Host (two 30 minute sessions)
  • Hour 2 – Free Flying
  • Hour 3 – Pinpoint Parachute
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In addition to the organized sessions, there will be free flying all weekend long. As a bonus competition, the squadron and individual who rack up the most points over the weekend will be declared the winners of the event!

PLEASE NOTE – A client update is required, so visit the day prior to the event to update your client.

Description of Event Games

Battle of the Hosts (BotH)
The objective in this event is to keep the opposing teams TARGET@FA from landing safely on your country’s airfield by shooting them down, while protecting your own TARGET@FB

  • This event is scheduled to run for two – 30 minute sorties
  • The RULES are as follows:
    • Select your country, choose your plane and please keep the teams even
    • Upon entering the arena you MUST stay on the airfield, do not take off until the ” GO! GO! GO! GO! ” is announced
    • Please move your aircraft away from the spawning area so others may join.
    • Shooting and/or ramming the JUDGE@FB and any HOSTS@FB is not permitted and could result in your removal from the event
    • Ramming the enemy Target@FB pilot on your runway before he is stopped will result in a 1000 point (Landing) for the opposing team
    • All pilots MUST SWITCH countries at the 30-minute mark for the second sortie
    • Upon seeing the ” BATTLE OFF!! BATTLE OFF!! BATTLE OFF!! ” Announcement all pilots must land and exit to lobby
    • The most points accumulated will decide the winning country!
    • The scoring is as follows
    • A TARGET@FB kill is worth 500 points
    • A safe landing (or controlled crash landing) on the opposing airfield by either TARGET@FB is worth 1000 points
    • The Targets may defend themselves! If you are downed by a Target@FB pilot expect a good ribbing!
    • NOTE: The FBVG (@FB,@HQ and @HOSTS) will be flying to even the teams and are considered fair game! Now’s your chance to down your favorite FBVG!

Pin Point Parachute (PPP)
The object of this event is to bail out of the plane and land on the FOX@FB on the base of his choice

  • This event is timed to run for one hour
  • There will be two winners during the event
    • One for the player who BONKS the FOX first
    • The second to the player with the most BONKS
  • Both win ‘Bragging rights’ for the week!
  • All you have to do is to land on the FOX sitting on the SU runway (this is also referred to as a BONK)
  • It won’t be easy as the FOX has his trusty air cover to prevent you from getting too close!
  • Crashing into the FOX or shooting him won’t count: you’ll have to land on the Fox in your chute (BONK him)
  • You MUST fly as US ONLY!
  • You MUST survive the jump (don’t forget to open your chute!
  • You must LAND on the FOX to score a “BONK”
  • Strafing and crashing into the FOX is NOT permitted
  • All SU in the air are fair game, shoot on sight!

Time Permitting we are going to have a little Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt
Can be started at anytime depending on the number of players in an arena

  • The goal is simple, shoot down the FOX and win Bragging Rights!
  • You must shoot down the FOX as collisions DO NOT count
  • You must kill the FOX, if the FOX crash-lands and survives that is NOT a kill
  • Kills while the FOX is parked on the runway DO NOT count
  • Kills will be determined as recorded on the FOX game log
  • You might think about following the FOX around and picking up a couple kills on FOX fixated fliers
  • The FOX is rather fond of his pelt, and may resist your effort to kill him
  • The FOX may be protected by a flight of FBVG, so you might have to fight your way to him